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Red Line Love

November 2019

DRIFTWOOD - Red Line Love
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Red Line Love is the first single from the debut album 'Only Fighters Left Behind': vigourous, haunting, compelling and feverish. The accompanying videoclip documents the pursuit of redemption which often takes place between light and dark.

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January 2020

A song about a possible life that is beyond reach and how powerlessness and resignation stand side by side. As an inner struggle and questioning about the right path cuts through the song in a dizzying way, one bows its head to the natural and sometimes unavoidable course of life. A song that offers you a home where you can hide during a stormy time.


This videoclip forms the first part of a diptych together with the videoclip of 'Lovers Of A Different Kind' for which DRIFTWOOD teamed up with the directors Jan and Raf Roosens of Rococo. 

Lovers Of A Different Kind

February 2020

DRIFTWOOD - Lovers Of A Different Kind
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This videoclip forms the second part of a diptych, together with Avalon. Lovers of a different kind, is a song about silent fighters, who often stay behind after giving up themself for the other. The song radiates a cry of pain and invites at the same time to break through that silence. Sins are not to be covered up but to be embraced. Only by challenging and dispelling the silence, will everyone be able to regain his or her own identity. 



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